The Aim, The Vision & The Mission

The Aim

"To achieve success we just need to set a goal and work for it with heart and soul".

The aim of the institution is to impart value education based and multifaceted development of its pupils. We are committed to serve the nation's children through stimulating educational endeavors, empowering them to contribute towards a humane, just and pluralistic society, promoting introspective living, by creating learning opportunities, with a commitment to excellence.

The Vision

"An unfailing fountain of inspiration".

To make St. Joseph Mont. / Inter College city's pride. Our Founder-Chairperson from the very inception has focused herself in taking requisite steps in providing an environment which allows every child the freedom to grow his / her talent in the field of their interest. She helped us ensure that every child's individuality is preserved and nurtured. We therefore not only believe but practice the fact that every child is God's greatest gift to mankind. The institution realizes and sees the value of justice, integrity, freedom and honesty as the most essentials in the process of education. Therefore, it inspires each child, parent and teacher to manage the same.

The Mission

"Every day is a challenge, every challenge a learning experience".

The well trained and committed teaching faculty under the dynamic leadership of the Principal and Staff Members work together with a well defined training program to initiate a process which gives confidence to every pupil to explore his / her complete potential. The use of conventional, contemporary and advanced methods of education guarantee the optimum exploration of human mind in imparting education as well as receiving it.

  • To impart quality education and enable the pupils to pursue excellence in the field of their choice.

  • To ensure the proper physical, mental and moral growth of the pupils and to create in them a zest for learning in tune with modern scientific temper.

  • To widen the mental horizons and to broaden the outlook of Good Habit & Manners.

  • To arouse in them the aesthetic sense in order to appreciate and uphold the beauty of nature and everything in it both animate and inanimate.

  • To provide the pupils with opportunities (through a built in system of co-curricular activities) to be innovative, independent and confident so that they may ever channel their energies towards creative pursuits.

  • To help them to understand and appreciate that one's own good lies in the general good, through training in co-operation, team spirit and concern for others expressed through genuine service.

  • To encourage the pupils to strive not only for academic excellence, but also for moral growth, physical fitness and emotional development.