Managing Director's Message

  • Mrs. Anupam Chaudhary
    Managing Director of SJ International

    "Child is the father of man”, William Wordsworth, the great author once quoted and I always agree. Innumerable times, the budding scholars of my college have surprised me through their innocent questions by expecting answers, when actually there are none. For me, teaching has always been a continuous and ongoing learning process. I firmly believe in the adage ‘Where there is learning, there is life’. Without the thirst for knowledge, life is meaningless. It has always been the earnest Endeavour of our dedicated staff to engrain the pearls of wisdom in all the bright sparks of our illustrious institution.

    I have a common message for both our present as well as ex-students, ‘Believe in yourself, work hard for your dreams, but above all, in the race for success don’t’ allow your ambition rule over your principles and values. Your values are something which will always remain with you as pillars of strength even when adversities seem insurmountable and everyone around you is trying hard to discourage you.

    It would be unfair on my part, if I forget to make a mention of the pivotal role played by our elite management and instructional staff for their unending efforts. They have really been an indispensable part of our system. At the end, I have but one message for all of them, ‘Believe in the strengths of your students and always give them the opportunity to express themselves. Give them a patient hearing and address all their problems cheerfully because an inquisitive mind is undoubtedly a developing mind.

  • Mr. Rajesh Agarwal

    “Committed to nurturing the inherent potential of each child to create lifelong learners & future global leaders capable of ushering in a better tomorrow”

    Nested in the heart of Lucknow on approx 1 acre campus, Thakurganj was commissioned by Founder-Chairperson Mrs. Pushplata Agarwal in 2004 with around 200 students & 11 teachers. The school today has more than 3000 children’s from Play-Way to class XII.

    Committed to providing quality education which is rooted in Indian culture & values with an International dimension the school sensitizes its students to becoming morally upright global citizens of tomorrow. A policy of inclusive education enables differently able children to get integrated into the main stream offering them value added services through a full equipped learning centre. In the safe and caring environs of St. Joseph Inter college children blossom into fine young individuals ready to take on the world.

    “The task of St. Joseph is not to cut jungles but to irrigate deserts.”

    Students are also involved in socially useful & productive work besides being given the options to participate in any activity of their choices under the guidance of experienced instructors & teachers. This list of activities & life skills is exhaustive English Club, Maths Club, Environment Club, Art & Craft, Cooking, Aerobics, Yoga, Dance, Music etc.

    I believe that the foremost focus of a school should be to provide each child love & positive reinforcement & to build self esteem in order to reach his/her potential, I wish to make.

    “Education is not just a preparation for life, but life itself.”

    For this successful journey of 30 Years, I wish my heartiest gratitude to my Mother who was born out of her dream of school that would provide comprehensive & holistic education to develop students into academically proficient, morally upright & socially well integrated individuals.

  • Mrs. Seema Agarwal

    Life without struggle is literally food without sauce. Struggles develop our perspective, make us patient and if taken in a positive way, they make us strong. Same has been the story of the progress of St. Joseph in the last twenty nine years. We along with the dedicated staff kept on facing all the challenges & enjoying the success achieved by the institution.

    Dear parents, the real purpose of education is not just gaining knowledge in various fields but also thinking in a rational progressive way. Change is the only constant in this world, and we here at St. Joseph endeavour to prepare our students to face all the challenges with determination, self-confidence & faith in God. Our Sole aim is to mould our students in a way that every individual connects with his inner-self, his social-self nature and God in a perfect harmony. St. Joseph is one such place where the child not only grows, but also develops in both emotional & subconscious manner. Learning to take risks, facing challenges, becoming independent in their thinking, creating lifelong bonds with each other, and making every moment worth remembrance, is what children learn here.

    Dear Students, St. Joseph is St. Joseph only because of you. You are the real wealth of our college & we are proud that you are studying in one of the best institutions in the city. The college is recognised not just in the fields of academics but also in the fields of sports, theatre & other curricular activities. We provide you with a stage for your dream, and it is your hard work, zest, knowledge & intellect will help you in making your dreams turns into reality. Have goals & desire and work on them to be an achiever. Let your light shine! Let your dreams come true!

  • Mr. Anil Agarwal

    Wings of ambition & roots of tradition - This has been the philosophy and belief of our Institution. St. Joseph is committed to impart excellence in holistic education in different streams to promote moral & ethical values among students, transforming a new breed of individuals who will empower the nation's future growth.

    St. Joseph family of Management and faculty aims to provide exemplary, high-tech and global thrust based education which blends in the right mix of theoretical and practical knowledge and enables our students to reach zenith. We honour the past, nurture the present and respect the future responsibility to keep ourselves updated to contemporary trends with a futuristic vision. We offer enormous opportunities for students of interaction with top scholars, alumni and other learned personalities from across the country in a powerful and personal way to.

    It is our sincere endeavour to incorporate students from different social strata and bring them together in an educational world that nurtures them to be noble and good.

    Message for Young Learners

    It is said that, “The most powerful asset a man has is his 'MIND'. The answer to the question "what is a realistic goal and what is achievable" is entirely up to you. If your mind can accept that something is achievable, it will find a way to attain that thing. "What ever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve". These are the immortal words of Napoleon Hill, a man who truly understood that "there are no limitations to mind except those we acknowledge."

    Our possibilities are only limited by our thinking. We have within ourselves the ability to achieve almost everything. We must have the ability to take decisions promptly. Decision making skill is one which enables us to do routine things in a different manner, without this ability we will not be able to make our position in this fiercely competitive world. Most of us make excuses to defend our conduct. Over the years we have cultivated the art of making excuses with creative ways to avoid doing something that needs to be done. We need to learn to eliminate the poor habit of making excuses and take responsibility of our actions. Being decisive in the right was reflect our character and in doing so, the stronger it become and as a consequence the quality of our life acts enhanced. One must never let one back from developing to his/her full potential. When the door is closed, why don't we look through the open windows? Stop making excuses, take quick and correct decisions and dare to be what you want to be!

    "Therefore, refrain from “One who can see the invisible can do the IMPOSSIBLE."